When and How to say no
Internal presentation I made at Shopify earlier this year.

Earlier this year, I remade a presentation that I did in 2019 at the RnD Summit in Ottawa. RnD Summit is an internal event where all RnD meet have we present content to each other. Something like a technical conference, internal to Shopify.

I wanted to share this publicly because I think that, while this was targeted at data scientists at Shopify, it is pretty accurate for a lot of data scientists out there. So without too much bell and whistle, here it is.

Beforeā€¦ Here is a little Shopify dictionary for some of the terms.

  • Merchants: Shopify main customers, Those are the merchants that use Shopify to do business.
  • Fecta: Group of key craft that steer and build a product. Usually includes a mix of Product, Engineering, UX, Data, Marketing and support.
  • GSD: GSD (or Get Shit Done) is the internal framework on how we do and ship project
  • Vault Internal tool/intranet where all the GSD project lives
  • Burst in person events (since we are all remote) where we meet to deliver projects and build human connections. PM Product Manager

Also, small disclaimer, Given I wanted to share this video publicly, I made sure to build a completely fake example in the communication section of the video. The numbers and chronology are completely random.

Here you go:

I am more than happy to receive your comments, feel free to reach out to let me know if you see the same thing at your workplace.